Indonesia e-Commerce Tax: An opportunity or a threat?

Indonesia e-Commerce Tax: An opportunity or a threat?

Indonesia e-Commerce Tax An opportunity or a threat

The revocation of Indonesia Finance Ministry on e-Commerce

tax(No.210/PMK.010/2018) has created tremors among local and international business owners.

While the country has deemed tax revenue as a top priority of action, the Indonesia e-Commerce industry is still in its infancy stage and additional interventions may not be a wise move to encourage growth.
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To get prepared for the potentially changes of regulatory landscape in the

near future, locale-Commerce players, online sellers, as well as marketplaces should be prepared to view best accounting practices as one of the priorities in growing their businesses.
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Starting with keeping good track of sales revenue, registering online merchant tax payer number (NPWP) and more, are the next rational choices to cope with the incoming changes within the foreseeable future.

This is just one of the issues which will be discussed at the 4th edition of e2e Commerce Indonesia, happening on September 25-26, 2019 at Kartika Expo-Balai Kartini, Jakarta.

Organized by PT Omni eComm Expo, this platform expects the participation of

over 50 thought leadership speakers, 400 delegates and a total of 2500 attendees under the same roof to discuss key issues pertaining to Indonesia e-commerce landscape and opportunities for local and international business owners to explore the horizon in this market.
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Covering a wide range of topics from government regulation, to latest updates on technological &innovations, thisis the meeting which you would not want to miss in 2019.

To have an insight of what e2eCommerce Indonesia visitor demands, please see the stats below:


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